Saturday 20/09/14 INT-TIP SOCCER

Tamworth Vs Colwyn Bay  0
Today, 21:00
Football – Eng. Conference
Pick:  2 ( DNB)   Result: 1-1
Stake:  4/10   Odds:  2.1  Verified odd Bookmaker:  William Hill

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England : Conference North
Tamworth Vs Colwyn Bay

Hosts are winless in 7 rounds and are on 20 th spot in the table so head coach Dale Belford departed and his assistant Purdie has been named caretaker boss ahead of Saturday’s home clash with Colwyn Bay. But he has a lot of headache as injuries and suspensions list is growing.

“We had 12 outfield players training on Tuesday and that included Greeny and Clarkey, who are suspended for the weekend.” – said caretaker.

Paul Green (9/1) and Shane Clarke (7/2) are both suspended while Dave Hibbert (9/1), Danny Sleath (7/0) and Michael Townsend (3/0) are all set to miss the weekend’s action through injury. And Kevin Thornton (8/1) is also battling to be fit, after missing training on Tuesday.

Gueast are unbeaten in last 4 rounds while in last 6 games they suffered just one defeat (3 wins, 2 draws) in hands of league leaders Fylde.

Colwyn Bay +0

Today, 21:00
Football – Other
Pick:  1 ( 1X2)   Result: 0-1
Stake:  5/10   Odds:  1.6  Verified odd Bookmaker:  TIPICO

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Northern Ireland Premier League
Linfield Vs Glenavon Lurgan

Linfield had slow start overall cause they played IMO 1 only game at home (1 win) and 6 games on the road (3-2-1).
Now they’ll back at home as top team of the table shared with other 3 teams (where stand Glenavon too).

Glenavon stand at the top (just I wrote before) with the best attack of the league (16 goals scored) but also with one th eworst defense (13 goals allowed).

Linfield attack couple (Andy Waterworth-Sean Ward) after some fit problems for both of them, are backing the same letal attack of the last season.
Only missed Warren Feeney.

Glenavon will travle without re without Eoin Bradley, Rhys Marshall,  Ciaran Martyn and Kyle Neill, while Andy McGrory, William Murphy,  and James Singleton will ready to back.

Linfield -0.75

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Friday 19/09/14 INT-TIP SOCCER

Tomorrow, 00:00
Football – Denmark
Pick:  1 (-0.5 AH)   Result: 0-0
Stake:  4/10   Odds:  1.97  Verified odd Bookmaker:  Dafabet

Posted: Today, 12:14 Odds verified in cooperation with

Denmark : Division 1
HB Koge Vs AB Copenhagen

HB Køge, providing the strongest, has been their opponents superior in last two league matches. They should therefore have a good chance for a win when they take against udesvage AB, which just has collected 2 points in the last five league games.

HB Køge is no. 6 with 2-4-2, and AB is no. 10 with 1-3-4. Identical to last season’s final rankings, where AB only just avoided relegation.
AB has just scraped two points together for the past five rounds, and later against Viborg created not a real chance in the second half.
HB Køge downloaded 4 points in the last two matches, and the latest one should have triumphed over Fredericia (1).
In an interview with Seeger-Hansen (middle, solid), there are reports that HB Køge is getting familiar with the new coach and new players.
HB Køge can put up with anything resembling strongest.
Last season brought HB Koge almost 70% of their points at home, while AB only retrieved 36% of their away (2)

HB Køge Absence: there is no notable absences to report on the HB Koge camp.

AB Absence: Troest (defense, long-term injured substitute)
Doubtful: N. Aslam (defense, new acquisition) was out last game and will be tested before they are allocated to this. Bræmer (striker, solid) and Uth (midfield, substitute) started out in the last game with minor injuries and will, according to AB’s website being seen himself gap. However, both were on the bench in the last showdown, and Bræmer had to come off, which must mean that they are likely quite ready for this fight.

HB Koge -0.5

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Thursday 18/09/14 LOCAL-TIP SOCCER

Today, 12:00
Football – Other
Pick:  2 (-2 AH)   Result: 0-4
Stake:  3/10   Odds:  1.52  Verified odd Bookmaker:  188bet

Posted: Today, 11:50 Odds verified in cooperation with
Thursday 18/09/14
Asian Games Soccer
Maldives 23 Vs Indonesia 23
Pick 1: Indonesia U23 -2 AH
Pick 2: Over 3.75 Goals
Odds-1 188Bet: 1.52
Odds-2 188Bet: 1.69
Stake: 3/10
password: AsianGames

Today, 12:00
Football – Other
Pick:  over (3.75 TOT)   Result: 0-4
Stake:  3/10   Odds:  1.69  Verified odd Bookmaker:  188bet

Posted: Today, 11:49 Odds verified in cooperation with
Thursday 18/09/14
Asian Games Soccer
Maldives 23 Vs Indonesia 23
Pick 1: Indonesia U23 -2 AH
Pick 2: Over 3.75 Goals
Odds-1 188Bet: 1.52
Odds-2 188Bet: 1.69
Stake: 3/10
password: AsianGames

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Wednesday 17/09/14 INT-TIP SOCCER

Tomorrow, 01:45
Football – Champions L
Pick:  1 (-0.75 AH)   Result: 5-1
Stake:  5/10   Odds:  1.71  Verified odd Bookmaker:  SBOBET

Posted: Today, 12:39 Odds verified in cooperation with

UEFA : Champions League
AS Roma Vs CSKA Moscow

AS Roma will face in the first game poor travelers CSKA who are struggling even in their league against poor teams I cant expect them to beat hot Roma or to take at least a point they cant compare with Roma ,Roma has great players this season with trio defenders from national Greece and they are know how to defend well and a good attacking team 6 pts from as many as possible in Serie A Roma will go for a win tomorrow they must do that because the group has been copy pasted from the last season of UCL when CSKA couldnt defend their Europe League position third against Plzen and they got beaten by them ,Roma will miss De Rossi but for Cska Dzagoev and Wernbloom will serve their suspension so for russians this two players are more important then Roma I mean Roma has replacement.CSKA has two central defenders who must play for Mamonty or Tula,they are the pride of Moscow because they where born there its about grandfather Berezutski and grandfather Ignashevich 35 and 32 years they have subscription at these team they will play on the WC of 2022 for Russia and then they will become prim-minister and vice president.Roma has scored 2 goals against Fiorentina I think they can win by at least a goal and they can stop Musa and Doumbia who arent at CSKA.

AS Roma -1 AH

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Monday 15/09/14

Yesterday, 15:00
Football – Other
Pick:  over (2.75 TOT)   Result: 0-7
Stake:  4/10   Odds:  1.9  Verified odd Bookmaker:  188bet

Posted: Yesterday, 13:20 Odds verified in cooperation with

Asian Games Soccer
Timor Leste U23 (N) Vs Indonesia U23

Timnas Indonesia U-23 pertandingan pertama Asian Games 2014 melawan Timor Leste U-23 di Stadion Goyang, Incheon Korsel

Thailand dan Indonesia merupakan favorit untuk ke 16 Besar

Timor Leste U23:

Timor Leste U-23 yang akan memainkan sejumlah pemain muda kelahiran 1996-1998 pada di game ini, yang di latih juru taktik asal Jepang Takuma Koga.

perkembangan sepakbola Timor Leste cukup pesat belakangan ini, terutama di sektor usia muda. Untuk tim U-23 sendiri dalam dua pertemuan terakhir dengan Indonesia mampu meraih hasil positif. Desember lalu, di ajang SEA Games, Timor sukses menahan imbang tanpa gol di fase grup.

Berkembangnya sepakbola Timor salah satunya disebabkan dengan kehadiran sejumlah pemain keturunan yang menghiasi skuat mereka. Jelang turnamen tahun ini, beberapa penggawa berdarah Brasil seperti Jairo Neto, Paulo Helber dan Felipe Santos ditambah bakat lokal Adelino Trindade dan Anggisu Barbosa kemungkinan besar akan mengisi skuat.

Timor Leste U-23 Line-ups: Juliao Monteiro; Diogo Santos Rangel, Paulo Cesar, Adelino Oliveira, Filipe Oliveira, Ricardo Sousa; Anggisu Barbosa, Jesus Reis, Soares Fernandes, Fellipe Santos; Olegario Pereira Boavida,

Indonesia U23:

Laga ini juga akan menjadi ajang pembuktian bagi tiga pemain senior yang dibawa tim Garuda Muda. tiga pemain senior yang disisipkan Aji untuk menambah kekuatan timnya yaitu Ferdinand Alfred Sinaga, Achmad Jufriyanto, dan Victor Igbonefo.

Pelatih Indonesia U-23, Aji Santoso, mengungkapkan laga perdana adalah tonggak awal bagi timnya apakah bisa berbicara banyak di ajang ini. Meski begitu, mantan pelatih Persebaya Surabaya itu menegaskan tak akan menganggap remeh Timor Leste U-23.

Gelandang Persija Jakarta Ramdani Lestaluhu optmistis sudah bugar kembali saat tim nasional Indonesia U-23 melakoni laga perdana melawan Timor Leste di Asian Games 2014.

Aji daftarkan 20 pemain terbaik timnas U-23 Indonesia. Salah 1 pemain yang menonjol adalah Aldaier Makatindu, bomber Pusam Samarinda. Kariernya bersama Pusam memang biasa saja. Sejak gabung di musim 2010/2011, ia 15 kali main dan nihil gol. Di Wilayah Timur Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2013/2014, ia tampil di 8 laga.

Ramdani (Lestaluhu) dan Fandi Eko masih mengalami pasca pemulihan, Aji Santoso, diprediksi akan menurunkan skuat utamanya dengan formasi 4-3-3.

Indonesia U-23 Line-ups: Andritany Ardhiyasa; Alfin Tuasalamony, Manahati Lestusen, Victor Igbonefo, Dany Saputra; Achmad Jufriyanto, Rizky Pellu, Dedi Kusnandar; Bayu Gatra, Ferdinand Sinaga, Yandi Sofyan

Kemungkinan besar, Indonesia U-23 bakal menampilkan permainan menyerang di laga ini. Sementara, Timor Leste akan memainkan taktik serangan balik cepat.

Over 2.75 Goals

Yesterday, 15:00
Football – Other
Pick:  1 (-0.75 AH)   Result: 3-0
Stake:  4/10   Odds:  1.89  Verified odd Bookmaker:  SBOBET

Posted: Yesterday, 14:25 Odds verified in cooperation with

Asian Games 2014 Men Football U23 In South Korea
North Korea U23    Vs China U23

China u23team, temporary changes, Shandong Luneng Club refused to allow 6 players of the team play for the Asian Games, have an important impact on the team’s overall framework and strategy, all the 6 players are absolutely the main players, plus also all of them are rich in the CSL games experience In South Korea,i don’t know why Korean always make things hard for us. training site in the distance , training time and playing time inconsistent, no chance to adapt to the venue etc.! North Korea u23 is very mysterious, but their whole nation system has a great advantage, here like home, they attach great importance to Asia games

North Korea U23 -0.75

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Sunday 14/09/14 INT-TIP SOCCER

Today, 18:30
Football – Ger. Bundesliga II
Pick:  over (2.5 TOT)   Result: 1-2
Stake:  4/10   Odds:  2.05  Verified odd Bookmaker:  William Hill

Posted: Today, 11:43 Odds verified in cooperation with

Germany : Bundesliga 2
FC St Pauli Vs TSV 1860 Munich

In the 5th round of German second Bundesliga FC St. Pauli will host 1860 München.

FC St. Pauli is standing at the 14th position with 4 points, while the visitors have two points less. Both teams have started very bad and I personally expect to improve their performance.
The host have many problems for this match, especially in defence.
Five defenders: Gonther (4/1 d), L. Sobiech (4/1 d), Halstenberg (0/0 d), Schachten (3/0 d) and Nehrig (1/0 d) are all out.

The visitors are one of the four teams in 2. Bundesliga without win (0-2-2). This could be a very good chance for 1860 München to take at least one point, but their defence is not at the high level.
Actually, both teams have problems with defence.
St. Pauli conceded 7, while 1860 München conceded 9 goals on 4 matches.
1860 München without D. Stahl (0/0 m) and S. Hain (0/0 f).

Over 2.5 Goals

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Sunday 14/09/14 LOCAL-TIP SOCCER

Today, 14:45
Football – Friendly
Pick:  1 ( 1X2)   Result: 2-0
Stake:  4/10   Odds:  1.8  Verified odd Bookmaker:  Bet365

Posted: Today, 11:10 Odds verified in cooperation with

Friendly Internationals
Indonesia Vs Malaysia

pertandingan uji coba internasional di Stadion Gelora Delta Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, indonesia Minggu (14/9/2014).

Team indonesia di dukung oleh banyak supporter yang fanatik dan berharap indonesia mengalahkan malaysia. (bagi supporter indonesia mengalahkan malaysia menjadi semangat dan kebanggaan tersendiri)


Pelatih Indonesia, Alfred Riedl mengatakan ada sejumlah rotasi pemain yang akan dilakukan untuk menghadapi Malaysia
Laga uji coba ini menjadi persiapan bagi tim menghadapi Piala AFF 2014.
“Saya ingin melihat kemampuan seluruh pemain. Jadi, rotasi pemain menjadi salah satu pilihan”

“Kondisi fisik sebagian besar pemain masih belum maksimal, Kami terus perbaiki kelemahan itu dan berharap lawan Malaysia ada peningkatan,”

kapten Timnas Ahmad Bustomi mengatakan, kendati hanya laga uji coba, ia dan rekan-rekannya siap tampil maksimal untuk meraih kemenangan di kandang sendiri.
“Selalu ada motivasi lebih ketika menghadapi tim tetangga Malaysia. Kalau bisa meraih kemenangan atas Malaysia, itu menjadi modal bagus untuk mengangkat mental pemain menghadapi Piala AFF,”


Malaysia terlihat tidak terlalu siap dengan Pelatih Baru Malaysia, Dollah Salleh bahkan membuat kejutan dengan membawa para pemain-pemain berumur senior dalam pertandingan persahabatan lawan Indonesia, Minggu (14/9) besok petang di Stadion Gelora Delta Sidoarjo.
Menurut Dollah, keputusannya membawa para pemain senior sempat menggemparkan “Sebenarnya saya panggil pemain senior. Jadi ramai, banyak orang yang tidak menyangka,” terang Dollah.

Pemain-pemain tua yang dipanggil antara lain, Shukor Adan dan Indra Putra Mahayuddin. Yang membuat heboh adalah, kedua pemain ini berusia lebih dari 30 tahun. Serta sudah bertahun-tahun tak berseragam Malaysia.
“Mereka sudah tak bermain selama lima tahun di tim nasional. Jadi setelah sekian lama saya panggil berdasarkan prestasi mereka dalam Piala Malaysia,” jabarnya.
“Tapi saya belum membuat keputusan utama. Sebab saya punya 35 pemain. Enam ada di Asian Games, dan empat mengalami cedera. Di sini saya bawa 25 pemain, Termasuk Safee Sali yang baru pulih dari cedera,”

Salah satu pemain yang kembali menjadi andalan Malaysia, yaitu Safee Sali. Striker berusia 30 tahun itu telah mengenal sepak bola Indonesia, setelah sempat memperkuat Pelita Jaya dan Arema Cronus, sebelum pada musim lalu kembali ke Malaysia dengan membela klub Darul Takzim FC, dengan status pemain pinjaman.
“Saya percaya terhadap kemampuan pemain berpengalaman Malaysia, seperti Indra Putra dan Safee Sali, mantan striker Pelita Jaya ini baru 2 hari latihan pasca cedera.
Laga ini menjadi ujian pertama bagi pria berusia 50 tahun itu. Dollah kembali ditunjuk menangani Harimau Malaya, julukan timnas Malaysia pada bulan Juni 2014.  Dia menggantikan Rajagopal R Krishnasamy yang mengundurkan diri, setelah empat tahun menangani Sefee Sali cs.

Indonesia to win

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